Dear authoresses and authors!

If you want to have your texts published in our REIBEISEN, you are asked to consider the following:

1. Lyric poetry of maximum 5 works

2. Prosa at most 2 works each text up to a maximum of 10 DIN A4 pages

3. Translations of literary texts in each case in the national language including the German translation

_ For procedural reasons we can only accept work stored on CD, formatted in a common MS Windows

based text processing program or as an E – mail attachment sent to us°).


_ Line spacing (return) only at the end of a paragraph!

_ The file margin on the left of the print out must be kept!

_ Please send no handwritten texts in!

_ Already published texts will not be accepted!

_ Unpublished text excerpts are only considered if the can stand for themselves and are conclusive!

_ Submitted manuscripts are not sent back!

All entries are judged by a jury therefore please proceed in the following way:

Instead of the author’s name and address the manuscripts are to be provided with a password.

Please put the personal data (name, address and as well a biography in short form) into an

envelope provided with the password and send everything to:

Kulturmagazin „Reibeisen“


Mürzgasse 3 • A-8605 KAPFENBERG • Austria

Time limit for submission for the 38. REIBEISEN – year of publication 2021 – is June 30th 2020.

Submissions that reach us after that date can only be taken into consideration for the following issue of

REIBEISEN in 2022.